Creating a beautiful home

We will not compromise on quality, that is why we design most of our own bespoke furniture and seek to find the best fabrics and accessories on the market. All of the Hallmark care homes that we build have interiors that are modern yet comfortable and luxurious. Each of the homes has its own unique features, so that it reflects the community in which it resides, whilst still retaining the style that is expected of a Hallmark care home.

Before designing a new home, we spend time in the area to make sure the exteriors and interiors reflect the aesthetics of the local area. We also place a great importance on design for those living with dementia. We have attended numerous courses and regularly liaise with knowledgeable experts to ensure that every home is designed with the residents needs in mind.

Bespoke joinery.

Savista design all the bespoke joinery concepts in house, and then go to industry leaders to make the joinery to order for each project. The integration of the bespoke joinery elements into the design fabric of the home is one of the most important features to provide an exceptional environment for the residents in the finished home.

A lot of the fabrics are also created from designs inspired and drawn up by the in house team, and they eventually end up as curtain designs or upholstery designs within the home to reflect the location of the home within the towns they are in.

Finish and Fit Out

All of the homes are finished and fitted out to an operational standard by the interior design team, with the co-ordination of furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, artwork and a 3000 plus shopping list required to get a care home up and running.